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The amazing story of Reggie, L.A.'s celebrity alligator

Once upon a time a before P-22 or Grumpy Cat a a rogue gator lurked in an L.A. lake. He was captured 15 years ago today. Where is he now?

Naloxone helps prevent opioid deaths. Here's how to find and use it

The state and L.A. County have worked hard to make Naloxone more widely available. One of the hurdles, though, has been the price of the inhalable version, Narcan.

'They're not trying to die': How drug checking aims to protect users in a messy market

Overdoses claimed some 107,000 lives last year in the U.S. Public health advocates, researchers and activists want to help people find out what is in their drugs.

Q&A: Talking God, science and religion with theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek

As a theoretical physicist, Wilczek has been peeking under the hood of our perceived reality for more than 50 years now.

More free COVID rapid tests are available. Here's how to get yours

The Biden administration announced Tuesday that each U.S. household can order eight free at-home test kits, on top of the eight previously made available.

Photos of the 'blood moon' lunar eclipse from SoCal and around the world

The moon was eclipsed for about 1A1/2 hours, one of the longest totalities of the decade.

U.S. reaches 1 million COVID deaths a and the virus isn't done with us

The milestone is an indelible reminder of the awful toll that the disease has taken and continues to take.

With old-school technology, can Novavax win over COVID vaccine skeptics?

Newfangled COVID-19 vaccines have left many people yearning for an old-school alternative. The one from Novavax could fit that bill.

Q&A: She discovered the black hole at the center of our galaxy. This week, she finally saw it

UCLA astronomer Andrea Ghez explains the remarkable photo of Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way.

Astronomers produce the first image of the black hole at the heart of our Milky Way galaxy

Astronomers have unveiled the first image of the supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

A guide to help you keep track of all the Omicron subvariants

The Omicron strain of the coronavirus keeps generating new subvariants. Here's a look at how they stack up.

There's a lot at stake for the CDC in the mask mandate appeal

The CDC's mask requirement for travelers isn't likely to come back anytime soon, but the stakes for the government's legal appeal are still huge.

A drought so bad it exposed a long-ago homicide. Getting the water back will be harder than ever

The added heat from global warming has made drought-stricken lands extra-dry. It will take more precipitation than usual to end it.

Op-Ed: Is that pain you feel all in your head?

Mind and body are both implicated when your body hurts. Recognizing the connection is crucial to treating pain.

What a dog's breed can, and can't, tell you about its behavior

A genetic study involving more than 2,100 pet dogs finds that breed alone is a poor predictor of your pooch's behavior.

How many California lives were saved by COVID-19 vaccines? Scientists have an answer

Over 10 months, COVID-19 vaccines prevented more than 1.5 million infections and about 20,000 deaths in California, a new study estimates.

CDC's top COVID doctor explains how travelers can reduce risk in a mask-optional world

The CDC's chief medical officer has advice for travelers looking to stay safe when people around them have ditched their masks.

Texas reminded motorists to drive safely. It didn't work out as planned

A well-intentioned campaign to boost driver safety in Texas wound up leading to a slight increase in car crashes.

Q&A: How a Florida judge's mask ruling could cause problems in the next pandemic

The ruling abruptly halted one of the pandemic's most hotly contested public health measures. Its implications may be long-lasting.

Russia's Ukraine invasion has escalated a brewing battle over space

Friction with Russia sparked by its invasion of Ukraine has seeped into space, exacerbating tensions over the rules of behavior there and halting negotiations over space weapons.

You're sneezing and coughing. Is that allergies or COVID?

There are a few telltale differences between spring allergy symptoms and a COVID-19 infection. But if you're fully vaccinated, the line can get blurry.

Column: The end of the world is coming, even if you've heard it all before

Did you skip it? The United Nations' climate change panel just delivered more proof of our stubborn, catastrophic climate passivity.

The avian soap opera unfolding atop this Berkeley bell tower has humans riveted

Nesting in UC Berkeley's bell tower, peregrine falcons Annie and Grinnell always seemed to soar above the world of human drama. In the last year, all that changed.

California adults who live with a gun owner face twice the risk of death by homicide

A new study of California shootings finds that people who live with gun owners are twice as likely to die by homicide.

How many COVID deaths are 'acceptable'? Answer is key to moving to a post-pandemic world

Deciding how many Americans we are willing to let die of COVID-19 each year is necessary to put the pandemic behind us.

Careful, cannabis users: Bongs may create more secondhand smoke than cigarettes

Smoking a bong creates concentrations of fine particulate matter four times greater than a cigarette or hookah, the UC Berkeley study found.

Q&A: I'm eligible for a second COVID-19 booster shot. Should I get it?

The FDA and CDC offered little guidance about who should get the newly authorized second COVID-19 booster shot. We break it down.

What is aphasia? Behind the brain disorder that has affected Bruce Willis

Legendary "Die Hard" and "Pulp Fiction" star Bruce Willis will end his acting career after being diagnosed with aphasia.

Russia spread anti-vax lies in Ukraine. Will it cause a COVID crisis for Europe?

With unvaccinated refugees from Ukraine pouring into other countries, health officials hope to avert outbreaks of COVID-19 and other diseases.

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Call for Papers: Midyear Meeting of the American Society of International Law

This is from the ASIL: The American Society of International Law calls for submissions of scholarly paper proposals for the 2022 ASIL Research Forum. The Research Forum, a Society initiative introduced in 2011 which takes place during the Midyear Meeting,...

Amicus Submission in EU - Palm Oil (DS600)

I'm posting here a long excerpt from an amicus submission in the EU - Palm Oil (DS600) case, co-authored by trade lawyers StA(c)phanie NoA<

ASIL Looking for Executive Director

The listing is here: Summary: The American Society of International Law ("ASIL" or "the Society") seeks an accomplished leader with vision, proficiency in international law, and proven management skills to serve as its next Executive Director starting (ideally) in mid-September...

KU Leuven Looking for PhD candidate in International Economic Law

This is from KU Leuven: Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, KU Leuven is looking for a doctoral researcher in international economic law. The position enables you to enrich your research skills and provides opportunities in pedagogy through teaching, coaching...

Call for Applicants 2022/23 Edition of Master of Laws in International Trade in Turin

This is from the Master of Laws in International Trade Law | ITCILO programme in Turin: A one-year, intensive post-graduate programme including a distance learning phase and a face-to-face phase at the UN/ITC-ILO Campus in Italy. A cross-disciplinary curriculum in...

The First CPTPP Dispute: New Zealand vs. Canada on Dairy

New Zealand has just filed the first ever CPTPP consultations request, relating to Canadian measures "concerning the allocation of dairy tariff rate quotas (TRQs) under CPTPP (dairy TRQ allocation measures)." The request states: 2. Canadaas dairy TRQ allocation measures encourage...

Alan Wolff Working Paper on "Restoring Binding Dispute Settlement"

Long-time U.S. trade lawyer, government official, and former WTO DDG Alan Wolff has a recent Peterson Institute working paper entitled "Restoring Binding Dispute Settlement." Here's the abstract: Binding dispute settlement, meaning the ability to obtain a final judgment of whether...

Arbitrators Selected in DSU Article 25 Arbitration Appeal

The WTO has announced that the Arbitrator in the DS583 arbitration appeal under DSU Article 25 was composed on April 28. 2022 "through a random selection from a list of candidates prepared and agreed upon by the parties." Here are...

Petros Mavroidis on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

This is a post by law professor Petros Mavroidis Is IPEF an Avatar of Things to Come (Or Just a Digression)? Petros C. Mavroidis What is IPEF? The IPEF (Indo-Pacific Economic Framework) sounds like the APEC, three adjectives and a...

The EUI Workshop on Sociological Perspectives on International Economic Law and Human Rights Law (May 13-14, 2022)

The European University Institute (EUI) Workshop on Sociological Perspectives on International Economic Law and Human Rights Law will take place on 13 - 14 May 2022 in the Robert Schuman Centre, Conference Room - Villa La Fonte, Via delle Fontanelle...

Katherine Tai on Protectionism, Environmental Goals, Peace, and U.S. Trade Policy

Speaking at an event hosted by the Technical University of Munich last week, U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai was asked a question about trade and the environment that prompted a broad response which touched on a number of important trade...

Follow-Up on the First DSU Article 25 Appeal

Following up on my last post, the panel report in DS595, EU - Steel Safeguards, was circulated on Friday, which, by the terms of the Article 25 Agreed Procedures in the dispute, means that the parties will not appeal, either...

The First DSU Article 25 Appeal

Last week, I said this in a post: In the DS583 case, Turkey - Pharmaceutical Products, a communication from the Panel indicates that the Panel had issued its final report to the parties on November 11, 2021, with circulation to...

What Does Bob Lighthizer Think of the Trump Administration's Trade Policy?

On his TV show, former Trump administration official Larry Kudlow was talking to Trump's U.S. Trade Representative Bob Lighthizer about various trade issues, including whether Lighthizer thought the Trump administration's China trade policy was successful. Not surprisingly, Lighthizer thought this...

Event: Sustainable Finance in European Jurisdictions

This is from the Ferenc MA!dl Institute of Comparative Law: Sustainable Finance in European Jurisdictions April 29 @ 09:00 - April 30 @ 14:30 The necessary path to a carbon-free economy will only be achievable with a fundamental transformation of...


Friend-shoring. Secretary Yellenas remarks of April 13, 2022 spoke of afriend-shoringa a a commitment to work with countries that ahave strong adherence to a set of norms and values about how to operate in the global economy and about how...

Two Recent Developments in DSU Article 25 Arbitration Arrangements

Are we getting closer to the day when DSU Article 25 arbitration is used for WTO dispute settlement appeals, either through the MPIA or outside of it? I have a theory that a successful use of this alternative appeal mechanism...

Some Questions about the U.S. Law Suspending Normal Trade Relations Treatment with Russia and Belarus

On Thursday, both the House and the Senate voted to pass the "Suspending Normal Trade Relations with Russia and Belarus Act" (HR 7108), and President Biden signed it into law on Friday. It looks to me, but correct me if...

Katherine Tai on the Critics

This is from a Katherine Tai interview with Bloomberg TV anchor Haslinda Amin: Amin: You've been criticized for your trade policy, some say that it lacks ambition, some say you've not done enough to bring cost down for American companies....

Misunderstandings on the Nature of Today's Globalization

I'm always up for a good debate about trade and globalization, so when the folks at American Compass asked me to comment on some of their recent work, I agreed to do so. American Compass is run by Oren Cass,...

The WTO must deliver on PM Mottleyas message a| and on the next-generation version of itself! Post by Jan Yves Remy

This post is by Jan Yves Remy, Director of the Shridath Ramphal Centre At a time when all is not well with international economic relations, a message of inclusiveness, equity and morality in trade appears to have resonated strongly in...

Waiving Russia Adieu in the WTO? Post by Tomer Broude

This post is by law professor Tomer Broude of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem With the Russian Federationas invasion of Ukraine now about to enter its second month, concerns not only for the fate of civilians are rising, but also...

Prospects for the Green Steel Deal

The Roosevelt Institute held a webinar on Tuesday entitled "Green Steel Deal: A Transformative Trade Policy for Our Economy & Environment." I remain skeptical about this approach to reducing carbon emissions, but nevertheless I am following it with interest. U.S....

USMCA Panel Composition in Autos ROO Dispute Announced

A third USMCA Chapter 31 state-state dispute is underway, with the panel having been composed in the Autos Rules of Origin dispute on March 22. There are five panelists on this one (which differs from the three panelists on the...

Katherine Tai on Beating Regulatory Systems Into Submission

During a press conference at the conclusion of the Dialogue on the Future of Atlantic Trade today, U.S. Trade Rep. Katherine Tai said this: Let us talk through and ask ourselves new sets of questions, not how do I beat...

Guest Post: Transforming World Trade and Investment Law for Sustainable Development?

This is a guest post from Prof. Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, European University Institute Florence The geopolitical conflicts and related trade wars (eg against China and Russia), climate change and other environmental disasters, global health and food crises, Russiaas military invasions and...

House Passes Bill Suspending Normal Trade Relations Treatment for Russia and Belarus

After a brief floor discussion, today the House of Representatives passed the "Suspending Normal Trade Relations with Russia and Belarus Act" (H.R. 7108) with a vote of 424-8. The full text is here. A summary is here. In terms of...

Guest Post: The Imitation Game: Recent Developments on Transnational Subsidies and Anticircumvention in Europe and the United States

This is a guest post by Victor Crochet* (trade lawyer and PhD candidate at Cambridge University) & Vineet Hegde (Doctoral Researcher at the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, KU Leuven) Over the past few years, Western countries, and in...

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